Awards galore! This has been one of our most highly requested services. Whether awarding or rewarding, our aim is to keep the attention and focus deserved – ensuring a tip top experience for all.

Are you looking for a safe pair of hands to run your conference or major event? With substantial experience fronting a broad range of conferences across industry sectors and locations (including international locations), we are sure to be able to help you achieve the high impact experience you are looking for.

Whether you have a large or small need, we would be happy to provide a firm hand with a light touch using our experience to deliver a successful press conference experience for both your interviewee(s), the journalists attending and you.

This is where it all started! Based on many years experience, we would be very happy to help you to achieve your vision of a successful product launch as part of a tradeshow delegation or a standalone event leveraging our expertise as experienced product launch event hosts and tradeshows facilitator.

Do you have a crucial interview (incl panel interviews) coming up for your corporate website, corporate promo film, live-streaming event etc. with a key client(s), industry expert etc? Do you want to ensure you capture and deliver the best possible results? Why not use us to lead the interview? We are sure to be able to assist you to deliver – live or filmed – the best possible results.

Are you looking for an experienced announcer/”Voice of God” for your event? No matter how large or intimate, we are able to deliver this service both live or pre-recorded in an impactful way.

How do you make your commercial memorable? Humour, hard hitting, a jingly jangly tune or even just an image with a phrase that is instantly recognised? Whatever your brand, whatever your decision there is still only one way to see if we are for you. Just listen.

Are you searching for a narrator for your corporate films, audiobooks, video games, adverts, book launches etc.? As an experienced narrator – both live and recorded – look no further!

Do you struggle with the thought of public speaking? Are you keen to improve your or your team’s presenting skills? Presenting and speaking in public with impact is a core skill and the basis for much success in life. We have worked hard on refining our approach and methodology – Presenting Confidence – working with a broad range of clients giving them confidence to succeed!

Do you or your customer service team need help in supporting your customers – communicating with impact? We have experience of working with clients on their communication techniques – both face to face and virtual – giving them confidence to succeed.

Do you need help developing your technique when pitching your products or services to existing and prospective customers? Do you want to refine your pitching and sales approach? We have extensive experience of working with clients on their client facing communication techniques – giving them confidence to succeed.

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