The Complete Frontman for your conference and symposium, ensuring a seamless event guiding your delegates and speakers alike in a warm, personable but authoritative manner when required, keeping your schedule to time.

When presenting and interviewing at events it is easy to parody entertainment and journalistic styles. However, we use our experience and skill to always get the best out of interviewees and delegates, showing them in their best light.

Launches, symposia and trade shows invariably have a press conference of one form or another associated with them. They require very often a firm hand, but a light touch. We use our experience to deliver just this, to the benefit of both the journalist and the delegate.

Whether awarding, rewarding or launching in today’s world it is vital that nothing drags and any impact is lost. Our aim is always to keep attention and focus where it counts leaving an impression of quality and style to be remembered.

With vast experience of facilitating fundraising events and with James doubling up as a charity auctioneer since 1985, we aim to use all our skills to enable you to maximise funds for the charity of your choice, ensuring your efforts are not wasted.

Whether live or pre-recorded our experience in this field leads clients, delegates, customers, theatre goers, festival revellers and any other group who are congregated together in a large number, with clear and appropriate guidance to ensure their safety and enjoyment.

How do you make your commercial memorable? Humour, hard hitting, a jingly jangly tune or even just an image with a phrase that is instantly recognised? Whatever your brand, whatever your decision there is still only one way to see if we are for you. Just listen.

Like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, quality is in the ears’. Smooth, rich, alluring, defined, accented and believable are all important when delivering voice blindly to the listener. Everybody has a preference and the only way you will find out if ours is yours, is by listening.

This first offering that we began with, has not only proved highly successful to many of our clients but has lead us into the other side of our business. You have to be able to practice what you preach and we do this now in abundance.

How often have you experienced a sales person who is clearly “winging it”? Someone who knows that their product could be great, but doesn’t know it well enough to be confident in their delivery of it to you. Whatever your product – we give them the confidence for it to succeed.