Awards Ceremony and Launch Event Facilitator

Awards ceremonies and product launches come in all forms. There is hardly any industry or society that does not reward its peers for their efforts and every industry needs to launch new products from time to time. So having an event that stands out and is well run makes a big difference in this competitive world and that is why using a professional facilitator for awards ceremonies and product launches is all the more important.

Awards Ceremonies

Running an awards ceremony to schedule, so that it does not drag and is presented in a way that looks relaxed and easy, is not a skill that invariably anyone can just “rock up” and do.

We have all seen celebrities host awards ceremonies on television. Some, do a great job, while others crash and burn! The ones that are experienced presenters generally understand the importance of doing the legwork of preparation beforehand. This allows them to relax a little and as such their delivery is similarly relaxed. The ones that think they can just turn up, or who are placed there purely for their celebrity status, generally struggle and all too often it shows that they are outside of their comfort zone.

As a professional awards ceremony facilitator, James is well aware of this and uses his experience as a professional host of all kinds of events, to provide a slick and warmly delivered performance, that keeps his audience relaxed and informed. As for those giving or receiving awards, James gives them added confidence as they are relaxed in the knowledge that they are in good hands.

So whether he is just getting things going as the “warm-up act” to a celebrity, or the complete facilitator, you can rely on James to give the perfect pitch to get things off to a great start and to keep things running smoothly.


  • Keeping things on schedule
  • Making sure everybody is ready to go when they need to be
  • Getting the audience’s attention
  • Paying particular attention to the pronunciation of names.



New products need a high profile launch to get them off to a good start. Therefore making the biggest impact possible and having an event that feels relaxed, but very informative, is clearly important.

By all means use a celebrity as a draw to get “bums on seats”. However, by using James it will mean that you and your sales team will be able to concentrate on your prospective clients, without worrying about the event itself.

James uses his vast experience to give a high impact event at which all your important messages are delivered in a clear way that is both positive and memorable.


  • Keeping to schedule on time
  • Giving clear and concise (scripted) messages
  • Providing a full product presentation if required
  • Being an extended brand ambassador for your product.

For more information about how we at HaslerHill Consulting can help you celebrate success or get your new product off to a great start then please get in touch with us via our contact page.

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