Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Training

The initial reason that HaslerHill Consulting was set up, was to provide this service to people who lacked confidence in environments that put them in the spotlight.

It doesn’t matter, how interesting or important your message is, if you don’t present it in the right way, it could be missed or even worse, ignored.

Our objective is to help participants improve their presentation skills and thus improve their confidence. It is also to help participants improve their ability to plan their presentations to achieve maximum impact.

Training is tailored depending on individual requirements and are available on a one to one or a group basis. As the format can be both classroom or virtual, training can be carried out almost anywhere of your choice.

The training provided is experiential with a big emphasis on participation and uses filming and playback.

So whether you are a company executive looking to motivate your team, or to convince your board of a latest idea, or a self-employed person pitching a new business, then this is for you and if you value developing your employees, it is for them also. The training not only helps to give you increased confidence, but also improves leadership skills.

Presentation skills training is so much more than just about helping you make a presentation or public speaking. It is about leadership, media training, sales pitches, interview techniques, how to make best use of a microphone, but most all, it is about confidence.

It is a life skill and best of all it can be learned.

So with our help, become the confident person you always wanted to be, or hone those skills as someone who is already confident, but needs to make a greater impact when speaking publically.

Possible topics included:

  • Planning and Structure
  • Presenting in different environments
  • Presenting to camera – as presenter or interviewee
  • Using Language
  • Voice projection and variation
  • Getting more comfortable in front of an audience
  • Understanding your audience and overcoming fears
  • Using presentation aids
  • Top tips to engage your audience


What do participants get out of it:

  • Increased confidence to communicate their message with passion and purpose
  • The ability to think better on their feet (essential at interviews) and how to interact with an audience of any size
  • The ability to align their body and voice and to appear natural and, where required, to be a more inspirational speaker.


“Presentation skills training is not just about looking good when presenting. It is a life skill that leads to greater confidence in uncertain environments and ultimately greater personal development, culminating in greater leadership skills.”

For more information about how we at HaslerHill Consulting can help give you greater confidence when speaking and presenting, then please get in touch with us via our contact page.

Looking to grow in confidence?